Key 21 - The World

Key 21 - The World

Triumph, victory and success.


  • realization 
  • accomplishments 
  • developed freedom 
  • cosmic awareness 
  • communications 
  • journeys 
  • peace / joy 

You are realizing your goals. Your accomplishments in all the good that you do deserve recognition and will be rewarded. Lines of communication are definitely open now. There could be travel, change of residence or an arrival at a new state of cosmic awareness. You can expect triumph, peace and joy from all worthy undertakings.

In-depth Description

A nude woman is wrapped in a cloth. She holds a wand in each hand and is completely encircled by a wreath which is tied at the top and bottom. There is a figure in each corner of the card. An angel, eagle, lion and bull.

The woman appears quite happy and may even be dancing. She appears to be truly free. Her legs form a cross similar to that of the hanged man, but now she is above the cross rather than below. She has achieved a new greatness.

The wreath symbolizes many good things. The world, a mastery of creation, cosmic awareness or perhaps even eternity. It is tied at the top and bottom with cloth. These ties represent infinity and are a continuation on the theme of eternity. If you look closely you can see that they each make a figure eight laying on its side.

I leave it up to you to decide what the four figures might be trying to tell us. These four figures may have ties to the bible. Ezekiel 1:10 and Revelation 4:7 might be one explanation that you’re comfortable with. Perhaps they represent the four elements. Air, fire, water and earth were all that ancient man thought was required to make it through this spiritual existence. So it would make sense to find these four elements at the end of our journey just as they were in the fools pouch at the start of our journey. Another answer might lay in astrology. It is possible that these four beasts represent the fixed signs of the zodiac. Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio.


  • fear 
  • destruction 
  • delays 
  • confusion 
  • attachment 
  • narrow vision 

There is a strong fear of change which has the potential to bring delays or even destruction. Goals may not be achieved at this time. Negative thinking clouds good judgment and causes confusion and chaos. There may be too great an attachment to your place of residence or job. There is a lack of optimistic vision.

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