Key 20 - Judgement

Key 20 – Judgment

A major spiritual awakening.


  • rebirth 
  • important decisions 
  • important change 
  • memories 
  • more spiritual outlook 
  • self-redemption 
  • enlightenment 

Important changes are coming and with that important decisions need to be made. A period of time should be spent going over past memories, deeds or actions. After this self-analysis you will experience a kind of rebirth or new beginning. There will be a time of enlightenment to follow.

In-depth Description

An angel is shown coming out of a cloud high in the sky. He is blowing a horn which has a red banner hanging from it. There are snowcapped mountains far off in the distance. Below that people are shown rising out of what can best be described as coffins. These coffins seem to float in water.

The angel is said to be Gabriel. His trumpet blasts seven times as evident by the lines emanating from it. These trumpet blasts seem to liberate man from his earthly bonds.

The cross on the banner is a symbol of balance.

The water is a symbol of the subconscious. Gabriel's trumpet is lifting the people below to newer heights.


  • loss of self-control 
  • loss of possessions 
  • fear of death 
  • separation / divorce 
  • unhappy 

Do not lose control of yourself. We are all responsible for our own actions. Poor decisions can lead to loss of worldly goods. A fear of loss or judgment can lead to unhappy times, even separation or divorce. Strive towards the positive. 

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