Key 19 - The Sun

Key 19 - The Sun

Attainment, freedom and liberation.


  • unification 
  • contentment 
  • success in business 
  • journeys 
  • higher consciousness 
  • freedom 
  • purity 

You can expect positive growth in such things as love, money and health. The warmth of the sun washes away resentment bringing instead purity, contentment, happiness and liberation. This is a good time for marriages, engagements and reunions.

In-depth Description

A naked child sits on top of a white horse. There is no sign of a bit or bridle. The child holds a red standard or flag in his left hand. The sun’s rays shine down brightly on a cultivated garden which is fenced in. Sunflower's turn towards the child.

The child represents purity, innocence and wisdom. He has balanced control over the conscious and the subconscious. This is shown by his mastery and unity with the horse he controls without tack.

The red standard has passed from the right hand to the left hand further signifying that he has passed control over to a higher consciousness or sub consciousness.

The sunflowers are in a cultivated garden behind protective walls which the child has left behind. They represent the four elements, Air, Earth, Fire and Water. It is well worth noting that they have turned towards the brilliance of the child for warmth and nourishment rather than the sun.

Here another milestone has been reached on man’s spiritual path to a higher consciousness. 


  • darkness 
  • loneliness 
  • mood swings 
  • loss 
  • clouded 
  • separation 

This can be a lonely time. You may be susceptible to mood swings, depression and a feeling of separation. The future seems dark and clouded to you. A marriage or engagement could be in danger. Purity may be an issue. 

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