Key 18 - The Moon

Key 18 - The Moon

Unforeseen dangers and deceptions.


  • intuition 
  • deception 
  • hidden enemies 
  • unforeseen perils 
  • gradual change 

The Moon is considered to be the card of the psychic. Intuition and an unfolding of psychic powers are shown here. There are also unforeseen perils, hidden enemies, or deception's around you. Circumstances concerning a loved one may surface at this time causing additional stress. This will inevitably lead to gradual changes in your life.

In-depth Description

The moon is show in all three phases at the same time. It has 16 larger rays and 16 smaller rays emanating from it. The 15 droplets falling from the moon are Yods. There is a crayfish crawling out of a pool. Both a dog and wolf are shown yapping at the moon. There are two towers with a rough looking path leading between them.

The three phases shown in the Moon correlate to mind, body and spirit. 

The crayfish crawls out of the pool and begins its journey along the path towards the unknown. This is believed to symbolize the early stages of conscious unfoldment. 

The dog and wolf show what is to either side of the path. The wolf is untamed and wild. While the dog has been domesticated by man.

The towers further represent what the dog and wolf first hinted at. A division between two things. Good and evil, light and dark, right and wrong or conscious and subconscious.

Our long rugged path leads us to higher states of consciousness with every step we take. The person were reading for will need to make this journey.

This card will often draw attention to things which are slightly hidden. These things will be presented to the observer through dreams or psychic intuition.


  • imagination 
  • deceptions revealed 
  • self-control regained 
  • obstacles overcome 

Good news, after a period of confusion things will return to normal. Watch for deceptions to be revealed. You have the potential to harness your imagination, putting it to good use and accomplishing the desired results. Self-control will be regained and setbacks will be overcome. Although, no unnecessary risks should be taken during this time of recovery.

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