Key 17 - The Star

Key 17 - The Star

Health, hope and inspiration.


  • spiritual vision / gifts 
  • birth 
  • independence 
  • hope 
  • health 
  • inspiration 

Here we see great health, hope, insight and inspiration especially in regards to the future. Unselfish aid is being given or offered. You can expect good health, spiritual strength and love. New beginnings are possible with a broader view of the future.

In-depth Description

A naked young woman kneels beside a pond with one foot in the water and the other on the ground. She is shown pouring water from two jugs simultaneously, both onto the land and into the water. There are eight pointed stars shown in the background and a bird sitting in a tree.

Water symbolizes many things, such as spirit, subconscious, or super conscious. The land shows us physical real life things that we deal with on a daily basis. Here as she pours water equally from both jugs we see her balanced between the subconscious or spiritual world and the physical real world conditions around her. The small streams of water formed on the ground are said to represent the five senses. Water is an important life giving substance and here it can be seen flowing freely from land to sea and back again in a never ending cycle, just as gifts of the spirit. She is well positioned to consider both sides of herself.

Eight stars are shown in the night sky, each with eight points. These stars are radiating with the cosmic energy of the universe. The seven smaller stars are thought to correspond directly with the chakras of the body. With the final eight star being above the body as a gateway to higher knowledge. These reaffirm to us the importance of her delicate position. She is communicating with the substance of the heavens and the elements of earth.

Behind her an ibis once thought to be sacred by the Egyptians can be seen sitting in the tree of the mind. Being an opportunistic bird, he waits patiently to see what her efforts might turns up. Through the ibises presence we are again reassured that where there is water the cycle of life continues.


  • stubbornness 
  • questions about meanings 
  • pessimism 
  • feeling of doom 
  • influence from others 

There is stubbornness, doubt and pessimism as hopes are dashed. There is difficulty in perceiving the future and a feeling of doom. Emotional and physical illnesses are possible in this state of mind. There seems to be an inability to move ahead.

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