Key 16 - The Tower

Key 16 - The Tower

Destruction, chaos, ruin and loss.


  • sudden catastrophes 
  • disaster 
  • loss 
  • change 
  • conflict 
  • disharmony 

There is danger here, as existing ways of life are about to be overthrown. Selfishness and ambition can bring about financial loss and disharmony in partnerships. There could be a marriage or business deal which is about to fall apart. This is a disaster that you can cope with. Your tower is not completely destroyed.

In-depth Description

While a storm brews a bolt of lightning lashes out and strikes the tower. It dislodges the towers crown of materialistic thought and knocks both men and women to the ground. As the tower catches fire many drops of what can only be described as falling light descend to the rocks below.

As this man made creation is struck by righteous spirit it reverberates to the very foundation of our beliefs. 

The wrong use of power and ambition used to create this tower seem to have brought about its destruction. The divine fire destroys only what is evil and purifies what is good. These droplets of light or Hebrew yods signify the decent of life force into material existence.

This brilliant flash of truth or spiritual cleansing breaks through our ignorance allowing us to rebuild while at the same time releasing our selfish ambition.

This card has been likened to the fall of Satan's kingdom.


  • false accusations 
  • oppression 
  • cleansing actions 
  • thrust of evolution 

Here we see a gain in freedom of the body and mind, but at a high cost. There can be accusations, false imprisonment and oppression. Poor insight, judgment and bad planning along with stubbornness could be self-destructive.

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