Key 14 - Temperance

Key 14 – Temperance

Adaption, moderation and coordination is shown.


  • purity 
  • coordination 
  • highest psychic ability 
  • adaptation 
  • self-control 

Great coordination, adaptation, tempering and self-control can bring about the desired changes. You work well with others and have good management skills. Difficulties can be easily smoothed out. Your understanding of both physical and emotional forces allow you to maintain a proper perspective.

In-depth Description

An angel is shown pouring fluid from one cup to another. Many believe he is none other than the archangel Michael himself. One foot rests in a pool of water and the other on land. A path can be seen leading up the mountains to where a great light shines similar to a crown.

Water represents the essence of life. I see him pouring this essence from the subconscious into the conscious, from the unseen into the seen. It's a symbolic depiction of the entry of spirit into matter as well as the flowing of the past to the present to the future.

The water in the pool that his foot is in represents the universal conscious or subconscious of man. With one foot in water and the other on land it is suggested that the angel is equally comfortable in the realm of the subconscious, super conscious or the conscious.

On the bank of the pool of water are irises. At the end of the long path the light seems to vaguely form the outline of a crown. Possibly the promise of a crown of mastery or attainment for those that make the journey.


  • loss of self-control 
  • possible disaster 
  • confusion 
  • separation 
  • solitude 

There is the possibility of disaster here due to a loss of self-control, confusion and an inability to make decisions. Be on the lookout for corruption and unfortunate combinations that could lead to trouble or separation.

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