Key 11 - Justice

Key 11 – Justice

A balanced just decision is being made.


  • balanced justice 
  • end of conflict 
  • harmony 
  • unity 

Unity and balance has been achieved; this type of accomplishment typically has taken a great deal of hard work. Any legal situation should be met head on where you can expect justice to prevail. This also represents a well-balanced personality with a desire towards continuing education. You are maintaining a good balance between home and work.

In-depth Description

A woman representing Justice is shown sitting between two pillars holding a double edged sword in her right hand and balanced scales in her left hand.

Even in these few items there is a lot of symbology. The sword raised high indicates the protection of law, order and moral values. The fact that it is double edged warns us it can cut both ways. The scales are perfectly balanced indicating that her decisions will be weighed carefully. To some it indicates that the forces of good and evil are being kept in check and perfectly balanced at this time.

One thing that catches my attention about this card, is that her eyes are wide open. She is not blindfolded like in modern representations of Justice. I personally like the thought of her looking over the situation and weighing it carefully before rendering her decision.

In a reading she indicates that justice will be done. A balance in all that is must be attained. Lawsuits, debates or situations being judged by others will turn out favorably. Good judgment in home, business and education seem likely.


  • prejudice 
  • loss of balance 
  • intolerance 
  • injustice 

There has been a loss of balance. Past bad decisions can compound here, causing intolerance and an inability to maintain stability. There could be complications with issues of a legal nature. Be careful in your dealings with others. Prejudice and an unopened mind can lead to difficulties.

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