Key 10 - The Wheel of Fortune

Key 10 - The Wheel of Fortune

Good luck is indicated.


  • luck
  • turning to goodness
  • optimism
  • sudden change

Here is a card showing a change of luck for the better. Success and fortune are within sight. As with all wheels there could be a return of bad luck, but if the storm is weathered wishes will eventually come true. There will be new conditions.

In-depth Description

“The Wheel of Fortune spins onward throughout all of eternity. It can carry a humble man to greatness, or teach a great man humility.”  

Starting first with the wheel itself, we see the word TARO written around its spokes. Between each letter of that word can be found IHVH which represent Jehovah. The eight spokes represent universal radiant energy similar to key 17, the Star. If you look closely you will see three circles in this wheel. The inner circle represents the creative force, the middle formative power, and the outer is the material world.

Four mystical creatures that are mentioned in the Bible can be found, one in each corner of this card (Ezekiel 1:10; Revelation 4:7). These also seem to have a link to four of the signs of the zodiac. The bull to Taurus, the lion to Leo, the eagle to Scorpio and the angel to Aquarius.

To the left of the wheel you will find a serpent. It is believed to be Typhon, the Egyptian god of evil. On the right is the jackal headed Egyptian god Anubis. Typhon can easily represent the life force as it descends into manifestation, and Anubis, that of intelligence aspiring to ascend.

The Sphinx atop the wheel seems to represent wisdom and stability. It reminds us that we are not always governed by fate. With all of the perpetual motion of a fluid universe we still retain the power to change our lives.


  • ill luck
  • setbacks
  • misfortune
  • disappointment

Here is a card showing a change of luck for the worse. There could be setbacks or failure in business. Misfortune may cause disappointment. These new circumstances require courage. You will reap what you have sown.

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