Key 9 - The Hermit

Key 9 - The Hermit

Key 9 - The Hermit

Spiritual wisdom is being offered.


  • discretion 
  • inner strength 
  • wisdom 
  • silent council 
  • prudence 

Silent council, prudence, discretion. Receiving wisdom from above. A meeting with someone who will guide you on the path to material or spiritual ends. Attainment of goals, but there may be a journey necessary to gain knowledge.

In-depth Description

The Hermit stands alone atop a snowy mountain peak holding a lantern with a star in it as if to light the way for weary travelers down below. This six sided star is believed to be the Seal of Solomon which is contained in the Lamp of Truth.

The Hermit is ready to help any man who cries out for his guidance He is always atop this mountain during the long dark spiritual nights illuminating the world below him with his beacon of wisdom and knowledge.

The Hermit is shown as a bearded old man looking down upon us all during the night. It is a comfort to us that he has arrived at this point of spiritual wisdom which he is willing to share with us now.

In a reading, this card is about wisdom being offered to the seeker. Depending on where it falls in a spread can suggest to you whether or not this wisdom has been accepted, rejected, or not yet offered. He is a wise man and plays a significant role in the seekers life. Take the time to describe him in great detail.


  • immaturity 
  • fear 
  • phobia 
  • isolated
  • foolish vices 
  • slow effectiveness 

A refusal to listen to wisdom is being shown. There is immaturity and foolish vices. There is a fear or phobia here. They have isolated themselves from the world. They want to escape from all responsibilities.

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