Key 8 - Strength

Key 8 – Strength

A triumph of love over hate.


  • discipline
  • strength of mind
  • success through willpower
  • spiritual power
  • passion

Through discipline and strength of mind you are winning a battle against hate and animalistic behavior. Your passion for success and your strong will power to obtain it are helping you tap into a spiritual power.

In-depth Description

A woman is shown closing the jaws of a lion which she has subdued with her strength and fortitude. She is wearing a white robe with a garland of roses around her waist. There is a figure 8 lying on its side above her head.

Her white robe symbolizes purity. The garland of roses around her is a symbol of the union of desires creating such great strength or fortitude that wild forces bow before it. The figure 8 is a symbol of eternal life. She draws strength from the spiritual power above her and is definitely in control here.

In a reading this card can show characteristics of the seeker associated with strength, fortitude or weaknesses according to the position it occupies.


  • domination
  • cowardice
  • fear of unknown
  • abuse of power
  • weakness

You are dominating or being dominated. There is an abuse of power here. These activities should be stopped. Cowardice, weakness and fear is evident around you.

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