Key 7 - The Chariot

Key 7 - The Chariot

Key 7 - The Chariot

A conquest of might over nature and emotion.


  • conquest
  • certainty of victory
  • triumph over health, money, difficulties
  • vitality
  • travel in comfort

Your youthful vitality and strong desire to forge ahead, and fight the morally correct battle, will help you accomplish your goals tremendously. Your strength of will and character will bring you victory with honor. With all the celestial influences that surround you, you still have managed to gain control over the forces of nature. Your mental and physical powers are admirable traits that lead men and women to greatness.

In-depth Description

Here a princely figure is show on a chariot carrying a wand of authority and will. He uses this wand to control the two sphinxes. There is a star filled canopy hanging above him and the Hindu sign of union on the front of the chariot. Above that are the wings of spirit.

The white sphinx represents mercy and the positive life force. The black sphinx represents stern justice and the negative life force. Here the rider must maintain a balance between them with his wand of authority or they will pull in different directions. The star filled canopy suggests that there are celestial influences at work.

In a reading this card can signify certain victory for the seeker in all matters from health to financial difficulties. This card shows that with self-control and the right positive physical and mental attitude, harmony can be restored.


  • compromise
  • unethical victory
  • presumption
  • war
  • journey postponed
  • loss of self-control

Things seem to have taken a turn for the worse. This person is easy to corrupt, weak, and afraid. They are losing their concern for their reputation. Desperate times lead to a desire to lash out or a tendency to be abusive. Be cautious of an unethical victory and it's long term effects on you.

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