Key 6 - The Lovers

Key 6 - The Lovers

A choice between carnal lust or profound love.


  • partnership 
  • love 
  • innocence 
  • youth 
  • virginity 

Here we see a deep and profound love with an inner beauty all its own. There is a strong attraction and temptation. A choice will need to be made in order to ensure a lifetime of harmony and happiness together. This is the card of love, both physical and emotional.

In-depth Description

Raphael, the angel of air, looks down on a man and woman below. Behind the man there is the Tree of Life bearing 12 fruits, which suggests spiritual growth and a correlation with the 12 signs of the zodiac. Behind the woman the Tree of Knowledge and of Good and Evil is shown with a serpent twined about its trunk.

Raphael represents the superconscious pouring down a cosmic benediction on the figures below. The man represents the conscious mind while the woman represents the subconscious mind. Notice how the man looks at the woman who looks at the angel. This shows that the conscious mind cannot approach the superconscious without going through the subconscious.

These nude figures stand before each other with nothing to hide. Suggesting youth, virginity, innocence and love, before it has become contaminated by material desires.

In a reading, this card shows a deep love between two people. It can also indicate the struggle between sacred and profane love. A choice is being offered. There is temptation and attraction which needs to be reckoned with before a lifetime of happiness can be shared.


  • contradictions 
  • confusion 
  • mistrust 
  • failure in relationship 
  • family breakdown 

There could be trouble brewing. Quarrels and infidelity could break up a marriage or strong love affair. Here we see the need to stabilize the basic family structure. There is confusion and mistrust. There is an inability to bear responsibility and too much indecision. The wrong choice is about to be made.

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