Key 2 - The High Priestess

Key 2 - The High Priestess

Hidden influences are at work.


  • knowledge beyond - intuition 
  • hidden wisdom 
  • intuition 
  • instructive dreams 
  • spirituality 
  • divine laws 
  • divination 

There is a knowledge that can be gained. It goes far beyond that of just simple intuition. You are tapping into a hidden wisdom through many sources. These may include dreams, spirits, or even psychic divination. These influences remain hidden at this time.

In-depth Description

The High Priestess is shown sitting between two pillars, presumably from the temple of Solomon. The black pillar of Boaz represents the negative life force. The white pillar of Jachin represents the positive life force.

She holds a scroll of esoteric wisdom inscribed with the word "Tora" meaning divine law. There is a solar cross on her chest with equal lengths, that represent the universal balance of positive and negative forces.

There is a veil which hangs between the two pillars. Pomegranates representing female, and palms representing male are depicted. These symbols typically indicate that the subconscious is potentially reproductive.

The High Priestess is the virgin daughter of the moon. She wears on her head the symbol of a full moon. She is the eternal feminine; symbolizing spiritual enlightenment and inner illumination.

In a reading she typically indicates an unrevealed future, or hidden influences at work. Often times when this card appears in a man's reading, it represents the perfect woman all men dream of. In a woman's reading it may indicate that she can find such virtues in herself.


  • bigotry 
  • conceit 
  • indulgence 
  • ruthless 
  • selfish 

There are many negative traits which all seem to revolve around you. This can make you to feel weak. It can deplete your will power to go on. Don't allow these negative traits to beat you down and break your spirit. In such a state you may be inclined to take short cuts, and be deceitful or untrue to your real nature. Try to identify what hidden influences are really at work here.

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