Key 1 - The Magician

Key 1 - The Magician

There are creative abilities here.


  • creative power
  • strong ego
  • consciousness
  • organizational skills
  • mastery
  • dynamic
  • will

Here we see strong will, mastery, and organizational skills. They are used to take power from above and direct it through their desire into manifestation. They have self-confidence and self-control. They can meet difficulties head on. New projects started are completed successfully.

In-depth Description

This is the traditional start of the first third set, or cycle of Major Arcana cards. It is believed by many to be Man's first real advancement along his spiritual journey on this plane. It should be clear to anyone looking at this card, that he has a strong will or mastery over his environment, along with great organizational skills and creative talent.

Here in this card, the Magician is shown standing behind a table which has a wand, cup, sword, and pentacle placed on it. These items typically represent air, fire, water, and earth (symbols of creation). In his right hand, he holds a wand up towards the sky, while his other hand points to the earth, as if he is willing or commanding Earth's forces to obey his desires.

The Magician seems to represent Man's personal will joined in union with the divine. This union gives Man the ability to utilize the knowledge and power from above to create his desires using the tools set before him.

There are many symbols on this card, but I believe that two of them bear higher significance than some of the rest. The figure 8 lying on its side above his head is said to represent eternal life and dominion. The snake around his waist that is shown devouring its own tail, is a well-known symbol of eternity. These are two great symbols to start our spiritual journey on this plane.


  • illusions
  • betrayal
  • weak will
  • indecision
  • ineptitude
  • destructive ends

There is indecision, loss of fortitude, and feelings of ineptitude. Power is being used for destructive ends. Loss of self-control, lack of confidence, and a desire to be deceitful. Caution that selfishness can lead to bad luck.

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