Key 0 - The Fool

Key 0 - The Fool

Key 0 - The Fool

An important choice is in front of you.


  • a choice is offered 
  • a new beginning 
  • lofty ideals 
  • risk 
  • faith
  • vanity 

Here we see a dreamer or mystic with the desire to accomplish a great goal. He has an open mind filled with dreams and great imagination. There is an air of inexperience or purity here. Things are about to happen. Caution should be advised.

In-depth Discussion

The Fool is said to stand alone. There is some confusion and debate as to where it should be placed in the deck. Some believe that it can be placed at the end of the other 21 Major Arcana cards, while most believe that it should be placed at the beginning.

The 21 Major Arcana cards are divided into thirds. Each third depicts another aspect of Man's epic journey from infancy to maturity on a spiritual level. There are three distinct cycles or steps shown on these cards. The cards, numbered 1 - 7, 8 - 14 and 15 - 21 make up these three cycles. I like to place the Fool at position 0 as it is numbered in the Tarot deck because it represents us all as we begin our spiritual journey to what Key 21 represents. (Where the lessons of life have been learned and the inner spirit has reached its highest possible development on this plane)

This card depicts a youth looking off into the distance instead of down at his feet. He stands on the edge of a precipice carrying a wand with a pack tied to it over one shoulder and a white rose in the other hand. A small white dog follows along.

The sun rising behind the youth is thought to represent his spiritual growth. The pouch is filled with either the four elements (fire, water, air and earth), or a universal memory, which he will need on his journey. In either case the fool has the tools necessary to begin life's lessons.

The white rose is a symbol of spiritual desires. The sign of the eagle can be found on his pouch which represents high or lofty ideas. Dogs are believed to have evolved from wolves. Here the dog is showing that evolution or change is possible.

After looking closely at the Fool it is easy to understand how he represents Man's first spiritual steps to enlightenment.


  • faulty 
  • fear 
  • folly 
  • foolishness 
  • indiscretion 

Here we have indiscretion along with thoughtlessness or even reckless action. Faulty thinking could lead to disastrous results. Here we see a refusal to take advice, and often a know it all attitude which could be harmful to himself, and others.

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