Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords

Swords: Action, Ambition, Aggression, Force, Movement, Struggle, Strife


  • Cunning 
  • Stealth 
  • Hope 
  • Partial Victory 

Through the use of stealth and a bit of good luck,  something that is rightfully yours is being regained. There is only a partial victory here though. Complete success is not indicated. The use of stealth is not always wise. It could backfire on you.


  • Trickery 
  • Thievery 
  • Unjust Acquisition 
  • Ruse 

Something is being taken through the use of trickery and deception. This is an unjust or unwise act which may fail. It is certainly not without risk. You could be caught in the act and accused of thievery. It is never wise to take that which is not yours. 

Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck®, known also as the Rider Tarot and the Waite Tarot, reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Stamford, CT 06902 USA. Copyright© 1971 by U.S. Games, Inc. Further reproduction prohibited. The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Inc.